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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Another fake postmark on eBay

Watch the top left corner carefully, you will see the bar cancel. A 'squared-circle' stamping over the bar-cancel is a common trick by the greedy people. I'm not saying the British seller is a cheat, but when offering any item worth hundreds of $, be careful. Bidders for used North Borneo stamps at eBay, 'jab-sang-lah'. I got cheated before, and might be again if I'm careful.

Glad to see that the seller spotted the fault & re-valued this stamp to start bidding from GBP0.99 & mentioning the bar cancel. So it's not all bad for me to delay posting for a few days.

jeremy6139 is supposed to be in town today but I've not been contacted yet. Will write again after our 'yam-cha' session which I'm sure will happen soon.


Blogger CashQuest said...

Great write-up ! I learn a lot from your post and I am sure many beginners like me will appreciate from your experience.

I personally see very few blogs talking about spotting fakes and stuff.

Then again, it is fascinating how cheaters can think of ways to scam stamp buyers.

8:42 AM  

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