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Friday, August 29, 2008

Xinjian photo from g-matang

Received a few photo from g-matang taken during his last Xinjiang trip, without any description from him, so it's up to my imagination. Please comment to let me know when I'm wrong :)
This may be the 'Lake of Heaven', I'm not sure but it's beautiful enough, whatever you call it.

This is not g-matang in disguise, I'm sure.
But I'm guessing the background mountain is 'TianShan' where the 'Seven Swordsman' came from.

I wonder if this was the cow that chewed the letter from Gantian to Xinjian ?
In case she has digestive problem, treasure hunt may be on. Hope g-matang didn't miss it :)

I was hoping to see photo of g-matang drinking horse milk tea & eating BBQ camel in the town, may be he'll send them to me next time.He missed the grapes-festival in mid-August that I'll love to see. Hope one day I can organize a trip to see it with gantianexpress, bury1883 etc..since it is a philatelic desert, according to g-matang, so there'll be no conflict of interest going with these guys.

to see some posting from tapiapi, if he has no problem with the technical side of it. Otherwise I'll be happy to do it for him, like this one I'm doing for g-matang. But please give me the description of each photo, or I'll have to 'fire-dog' (bullshit) my way through :)

May be I'll have some photo from jeremy6139 ? Now Beijing Olympics is over, we're looking forward to London2012 !!! Meanwhile, back to work & sleep early.


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