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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To guarantee a guarantor

I applied for a work permit for a maid to assist my 83 year old mum at home. Our Immigration Department insisted that my mum be the guarantor for the maid. This morning I received a phone call from the Department requesting information on the nature of my business, they sounded like they want a guarantee for the guarantor because she is no longer having an income. Such is the efficiency of our Government Department, no wonder someone is singing Negarakuku.

The above scan is the follow up story of our 'heroes' in Australia. Please click the picture to enlarge for reading. I didn't know there was a Sandakan Memorial Park in Sydney when I visited the city, otherwise I would surely visit & take some pictures. Of course I would try to see some of the old soldiers, I'm sure many of those who came to North Borneo for the 'Indonesian Confrontation' are still around. They would be the direct source of supply for my postal history collection for that period.

I have noted the recent news from our Ministry of Education that they will consider, in the future, to admit students into our Universities according to merit instead of racial quota. They now know they've been wrong for 44 years ??? How stupid can some people be ??? But the worst ones are those who know they're wrong and refuse to change, you'll be surprised, there are more than you can imagine !!! Let's hope they mean what they said & give us an other 40 years, and we'll have a great country :)


Anonymous chauz85 said...

hi there - i am sure i wasn't one of those ousted by the racial quota, but i think i would have had difficulty getting into the university of malaya law faculty... so i cabut after form 5 to perth - now in the final semester of my 4-yr law degree. bliss! i said in a previous comment i would recommend good places in nz to visit... so here goes! if you like ACTIVITIES (u know, the eXtReMe kind), then queenstown is for you. queenstown is also by far the prettiest city, and the drive from queenstown to milford sound is not to be missed. christchurch is beautiful with an english-city feel. auckland and wellington are nothing special. rotorua smells like sulfur, but is very unique, with the various thermal-pool sites and geysers and what not. but queenstown, definitely!

7:15 PM  
Blogger silamstar said...

Thanks for the info.

NZ trip will be next year,tentatively :) Auckland & Christchurch will be a must for me, my friends & relatives are there.

I left for the UK after form 3 :) Never thought (dream) of local university then. My UK PR was surrendered for the love of Sabah, never regret till today. Life is interesting here, one can see people as low as (or lower than) Chan-Shuibian here and they claim to love their country as well :) I'm not married and will have no next generation to worry about. When the time come for 'ashes to ashes, dust to dust', I may still be watching the show somewhere :)

11:49 AM  

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