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Saturday, August 18, 2007

bury1883 anti-Japanese for life ???!!

bury1883 celebrates on 15th August every year, not sure if he celebrates the WWII Japanese surrender but that's his birthday. Hope he doesn't celebrate his birthday in Japanese restaurant, if I'm the Japanese chief.........

It's my birthday today on the 18th August, so I'm showing a cover sent on the day in 1945 (I wasn't born then, of course) to 'USS Gold Star', 3 days after the Japanese surrender. The letter was sent via the US Fleet Post Office, nobody was suppose to know the whereabout of the ship, for security reason of course, I guess it must be busy loading provisions in Manila to be sent to the occupation forces in Japan.

chephe is not in town so I'm not sure if there'll be a 'yim-cha' session tonight. I hope it'll be at Jellyfish's place as I've asked him to find the movie 'Far East War Tribunal Trial' for my collection. It should be interesting see the differences between the American & Chinese judges who took part in that trial.


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