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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Australia trip diary

Due to my inability to re-size the photos for posting, this one will go without one. May be I'll post them again when the appropriate program is available.

13th April The Black Friday

Arriving today and my nieces took me for a Chinese sea food dinner, they ordered 'roast pigeon', oysters and lobster (3.3kg), no wonder they called it the Black Friday, to them, 'cos they were paying the bill !!!

14th April Blue Mountain trip

Driving a couple of hours to see the 'three sisters' and the 'Grand Canyon', well..... it was different. But the small village town Katoomba was interesting, visited a few old books store with antiques, 'cut throat' places, all of them, so didn't buy anything. So far the only thing that's nearest to a stamp is the red mail box that I took a photo with.

15th April The Sydney fish market

If you think it's a smelly place, you're wrong. We were there for the 'sashimi', comparing busy prices and found an empty table. The raw salmon, king fish and tuna are common, except the quantity but the Tasmanian oysters my niece's husband bought were giant size. I had to eat 7 to finish the dozen, each must weigh 3 to 4 oz without the shell !!!

16th April The Vietnamese street

For AU$8.50 the Vietnamese 'ngiu chap' was about 2.5 times our KK serving !!! Damn, it was good, but it looks like everything serve in giant size here. A few rows of shops with mini market open by mainly Vietnamese and other Asian, walking those streets make ones feel 'at home'.

17th April My primary school classmate's pet shop

Search & found my classmate's pet shop in Bankstown, 10 minutes drive from where I live. Caught him in the shop with his wife so he had an excuse to go out to buy me a cup of coffee & a chat. The cappuccino cost him AU$2.50 each, that's not too bad, and it was served by a young lady from Shanghai who was surprised to hear us speaking Mandarin.


Blogger silamstar said...

Reply to gantianexpress & tapiapi email

You know I can sleep late and wake up very late on vacation :) Just received an email from gantianexpress asking the same question, think I have to announce at my blog that I'm on vacation but bidding at ebay is 'business as usual' :)

Lost the Labuan lot but won the other one by snipe :) Have won acouple already since I'm in Australia, may be Australia is my lucky place.

Saw you won a few good ones for the passed few days, you've done quite well yourself.

Good luck. Will get some photo to my blog when I get a software to reduce the size of the photos, it's not installed in my niece's computer.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous chauz856 said...

Hey there - maybe you should head down to Perth! We have better sceneries :)

2:17 PM  
Blogger silamstar said...

Have been to Perth in 1994 !!!

Still have a neice working and a nephew studying there. Will be there again, nice place I know, but not this time. Will go to Melbourne next Tuesday staying for a few days & return to Sydney for a week to start shopping to fill the 'want list' of my relatives.

Believing Australia is lucky for me, today I bought lotteries to see if it is really that lucky, after winning 3 Labuan lots in a row :)

Happy bidding to all & be lucky !!!

3:49 PM  

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