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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Latest 'Jab-see-gai' by gantianexpress

My friend is not bidding for silk ties only, he hasn't forgotten to pick up any 'jab-see-gai' when he sees one. Well done gantianexpess, you must be having a very happy Chinese New Year, winning this one after the Labuan stamp used in GAYAH !!! Yah.... I saw it.

Sorry tapiapi I didn't know he was snipping for this one, I thought he was mad, buying up silk ties, I must be the mad one thinking this way, this guy is a 'stamp nutz', even worse than me. He must have snipe near to my estimated amount. Anyway, hope you had your good Chinese meal for the New Year & welcome to the postal history collecting :)

bury1883 won a nice Papar cover before the New Year, I think he was thrilled out-snipping higgijon for once, after many defeats.


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