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Thursday, October 12, 2006

A good Tenom post mark ???

gantianexpress outbid tapiapi for this Tenom ??? postmark at a very reasonable price. I'd guess this is Tenom :)

I've been feeling lazy but have to make an effort to post a few more this month, otherwise tapiapi will think that I'm making tons of money out of our recent 'sugar shortage' :) But sugar is an 'controlled item' like many others that we cannot trade freely. Malaysia is a 'controlled' country, may be it'd be interesting to see how others look at us, so I will post something about Economic Freedom in Asia soon.

Heard from elopura that someone is coming to KK looking for a good investment in North Borneo stamps, don't we all ??? It would be interesting to know what he can find. I thought our 'hawkeye' gantianexpress has left no earth Unturned in KK :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Blog!!!
Hi! I'm Kuo fr Sarawak.
I'm stamp collector especially SARAWAK stamps and WHite Rajah's stuffs. I'm interesting to North Borneo's stamps too :) Happy Chinese New Year.
How can get more information about N.Borneo fr your Blog :)
from: Kuo

10:11 PM  
Blogger silamstar said...

Hi Kuo,

It's good to receive comment on my blog. Most of my good friends only email or phone me, except g-matang from Singapore who is very supporting.

There some very knowledgeable collectors on these areas, I'm trying to obtain and exchange information with them, like tapiapi, elopura from USA. I'm not that knowledgeable but trying to post something that may be useful to others.

I'm quoting their ebay ID most of the time to maintain certain privacy, most ebayers will recognize them.


11:56 AM  

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