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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Agnes Keith's cover

Good try gantianexpress but the cover will be kept in New Zealand till the next auction. Thought the 25c was the highest value available at local post offices for actual postal usage, the $ values were sold in London for collectors ??? Enlighten me, anyone ? if I'm wrong.

I bought a 1960's Labuan 'forces mail' cover from a UK seller that was lost in mail, recently received, in compensation, more than ten such 'forces mail' covers which the seller posted from Singapore and Malaya back to UK during the 'Confrontation with Indonesia' period. I feel so guilty that I have to go to Gaya Street fair to find some souvenir for him, got a native musical instrument (miniature) today, for more information, refer to North Borneo 1954 2 cent stamp. :)

Thought of going to Chendu, China in September, bury1883 didn't give me a chance to revoke, quickly confirmed that he'd go with me and force me to confirm a date. I now have to surf the Net for travel information. Anyone else interested ? Email me or leave a comment at this blog to let us know, the more the merrier :)


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