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Friday, June 23, 2006

g-matang done it again !!!

g-matang has been doing very well lately, not only winning this beautify LAWAS single line pmk, also won a very nice North Borneo 'Imperial' airmail cover. No wonder we've nothing to show you when you come to KK, you've won them all :)

gantianexpress has been fairly quiet, may be the World Cup is killing his eye-sight :) but bury1883 is waken by some nice covers, good luck to him. tapiapi has won a National Geographic VHS video tape ? my tape player had been out of action for years, hope he can get it converted to VCD format so that I can also view it. Not so sure about the NG magazine he won though, is there an interesting article about Borneo ?

Sold a stamp at ebay to tedming5o4b, a local collector who is coming to collect the stamp personally, guess we'll have one more friend.


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