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Sunday, June 04, 2006

gantianexpress - the sniper strikes

Last night at our 'yim-cha' session, gantianexpress said he felt the 'tooth-ache' after winning the 7 bars lot at a high price. I told him that I was made to pay through my nose when I got my copy, that's life.... man. It's full strike, very clear 7 bars plus a perfect Tawao cds, I'm sure the 2nd highest bidder will be kicking himself losing the bid, so be grateful, my friend, there're many still looking for their first copy :)

This is a very busy weekend at ebay for the North Borneo collectors, some nice lots went to our fellow collectors like gantianexpress, higgijon, capri412, tapiapi. I too have a couple of snipes, hopefully will go on target within the next hour.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I found something for bury1883 to eat his Korean noodles with. Watch out for my next post, friend, you'll have something to shop for, in your next trip to China, don't let your wife do all the spending :)


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