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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Black-out and Dry-up in Sabah

We had a black-out from about 9.30 p.m. for just over an hour last night, gantianexpress probably slept already and chephe might be having canddlelight dinner with the wife anyway, so it might not affect them so much, not sure about serilabuk if his area was affected.

No water this morning when I left home, hope the supply will return when I get home this evening. I drink Coca-cola or Pepsi and learn to cook with them, so it won't affect me so much. If the BN thinks that I'll support them like the Taiwanese support Chan-suibian, I probably will, the Sabahan are stupid anyway.

Those who planned to retire in Sabah are having serious thinking, that's the latest information I received :)

Got my recent winning (via Singapore address), it looks like the 13 bars of Sandakan (Proud K1) in red. Am I attracted to colourful stuff like gantianexpress already ???

Received an email from g-matang today, so he's OK. He's going to India tonight for one week, hope he's his own food & drinks supply with him from Singapore :)


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