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Friday, May 12, 2006

PosMalaysia mail lost

serilabuk attached this scan of newspaper cutting with his recent email that I think is worth reading. Double click your mouse at the picture to get a better viewing.

Mail lost has been affecting us for a long time already and is getting worse, according to gantianexpress and chephe, nearly 100% lost of their overseas ordinary mail since February, 2006. To be fair to PosMalaysia, security of sorting office at KLIA should be investigated as well. I do not know how efficient is our Government, but luggage lost is frequent and well known all over the world for years already. Though I believe most of us are honest but cannot deny the fact that there are too many cases happening at KLIA that disgrace Malaysia. I can assure you that there will be more than just postal staff that will need weeding out. Malaysian’s dignity is on the firing line, workers at airports all over Malaysia are exporting it, of course PosMalaysia also has its contribution :) Our Government doesn't seem to care about it ???

Education failure is taking effect, very soon we'll be like those Taiwanese who will not tell their true nationality whenever possible, due to shame and they're the 'good' ones who'll feel shameful. We have too many Malaysian qualified to be President of Taiwan ? May be that's the success story of our education system :) God bless Malaysia.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had a couple of overseas mail missing too these past couple of months.Thought mine was an isolated case.Now I know it isn't so.
Thanks for the alert.
postage plus insurance makes it prohibitive.So have to limit my buying to high value lots.
Will leaving feedback to Posmalaysia site do any good?
Do spread the news when the situation improves.


8:41 PM  
Blogger silamstar said...

Posting feedback at PosMalaysia site is a good idea, but I'm afraid it's not enough to improve the situation. I believe the overall security at KLIA needs to be improved to see any effect. You've at least suggested a way to pressure PostMalaysia.

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Things at Kuching aren't any better and that's going to be a concern when I relocate there in the near future. Fellow collectors had their purchases stolen - the contents of the envelope cleared out or more often the entire envelope pinched. One Kuching GPO office clerk brought his ill gotten items to a local auction house and of course he was caught. He was made to return the items, paid a "fine" and given a stern warning. But things still continue to vanish. Another collector bought an expensive item and, concerned that it might disappear, decided to check with the GPO every day. What luck! He managed to trace the registered letter, but the address was altered: the Road number was changed and "no such address" was written on the envelope. Our lads are quite ingenious. Over the past two years while building my house in Kuching I have terrible experience with my contractor, all the subcontractors, electricians, landscape conmen, toilet bowl merchants, etc, etc. Now I have to face another problem!!

11:09 PM  

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