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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

BANDAU North Borneo pmk

Have not posted for some time. Thought I'd shsre my latest arrival of the BANDAU pmk with you, this lot came with TENOM and TAMPARULI which are also good.

Just received a SMS from 'chephe' reporting his latest lost of registered letter via our super PosMalaysia. Hope he can get a claim somewhere. My 1939 issue from Argintina is still on the way but the seller has responded my enqiry and provided me with a tracking number, at least he told me he posted the registered letter 5 days later than I expected, i.e. there's still hope :)

Last meeting with gantianexpress, chephe and serilabuk two of them complaining near total lost of rodinary mail from overseas. Looks like we have serious collectors working at KLIA or our post office.

Last received an email from g-matang sending from Kuching on 29th April, having fight with his contractor.


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