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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Won by the skin of my teeth

Beat another Australian sniper by 3 cents to win this lot, won't get in the snipe if he wasn't a sniper like me :) bury1883 seemed to enjoy the thrill when I told him.

This is the second Singapore used in Cocos Islands cover I have, still looking for one used in Christmas Island.

There's a North Borneo lot with a 7 bars cancel, closing in an hour, I believe the snipers will dive in to this lot and I'll be watching the event very closely :) I already have it, so I'll only be a spectator this time :)

chephe is compiling a report regarding overseas ordinary mail lost, to PosMalaysia, Kota Kinabalu, any additional statistic furnished by fellow victims will be very much appreciated.


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