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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

bury1883's flowers

bury1883 has been buying flower seeds over the net, hope his flowers come out with the expected colour or I'll have to call up my little niece again, she likes to colour up things, gantianexpress won't let her do it on his stamps and covers though. I did not see bury1883's flowers during my last trip to Tawau, may be wasn't very successful.

I'm planting a variety of chili, will be getting a new variety from Australia when my niece returns in June. I like those really hot ones, will give some to bury1883, that should go well with his Korean mee and tiger prawns :)

Saw an offer of a few blocks of North Borneo 1947 with sheet numbers at ebay auction, will try to scan one with the number printed on the stamp, that should be interesting, don't you think ???


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