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Friday, May 19, 2006

Health Dept. SANDAKAN 1904

Obtained one of this chop in year 2000 on a 1888 50c stamp that's not showing very well on a violet background. Hope the 'hawk eyes' can see the 'TH' on this chop I recently acquired. Found this quite interesting, not very sure if this had anything to do with the 'one track sexy mind' of some of our Orang Utan (watch out for my next blog, photo of the Orang Utan is on the way).

Received a phone call last night from bury1883 regarding the Black-out, was informed that they had an over 24hr black-out on Monday in Tawau, and proudly announced that he and sstawao survived it and were ready for the next one in the near future. SALUTE to the survivors of the wild wild East !!!


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