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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

g-matang's experience in India

Out-gunned by another sniper today, so did g-matang during his trip to India. he's now safely returned to Singapore, with his permission, I post part of his email regarding his trip for your amusement :
"Back from India yesterday - not a place to go for a holiday (I was on business) unless one is prepared to put up with all sorts of bugs and car and cow traffic. The VVIP room at the world renown Indian Institute of Technology was crawling with huge coachroaches and bed bugs!! A thunder storm knocked out the power supply in the middle of the night and the room was like a furnace (it was Indian Summer)! One member of our delegation got stung by a hornet and was in great agony. We rushed her to a clinic and the "doctor" - could not speak English, gave her a jab on the backside, watched by a dozen of curious and sympathetic onlookers. I think the exposure of her backside to so many strangers caused her more anguish than the hornet's sting! I was more concerned over possible allergic shock and I had to ring Australia and Singapore to get some medical help. As a lad growing up in Sibu Sarawak, I got stung many times and the usual treatment was to rush for the nearest pee pot and immersed my hand or whichever part of the body into the stinking liquid (the stronger the smell, the better) for 10 minutes or so. The ammonia apparently did the trick. I forgot about this treatment. There were mountains of cow dung everywhere (processed into pancakes and laid out for sun baking) and surely that (especially freshly laid ones) must have worked equally well. The damage (one syringe, one capsule of steroid and one capsule of anti-histimine drugs, plus one prescription) came to a princely sum of 50 Rupees or MR4!"

We should be grateful to live in Sabah, bury1883, I've found the possible cause for the frequent black-out in Tawau. WATCH-OUT for my next posting !!!


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