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Friday, May 26, 2006

Clue to Tawau black-out ???

Found a case history for black-out, bury1883... May be you should get sstawao to put the Orang Utan to the wheel instead ??? You may then industrialize Tawau if you plant enough bananas, not for you two but for the Orang utan :)

bury1883... there're 2 stamps on piece with the Kudat pmk, may be we can share ??? Don't cut horizontally !!!! I need 1 stamp with the pmk, not 2 halves, I know 2 halves = to 1.

My visitors are returning to Singapore this evening, so I guess I'd have more time on the net then. gantianexpress is now doing 5-day/week, must get him 'yim-cha' more often than just Saturday nights which very often rain.

Have not attended to serilabuk's business proposal, he must have thought that I struck it rich already, by selling my stamps ???? Just a dream, my friend, don't take it too seriously :) Will phone you when I get gantianexpress to 'yim-cha'.


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