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Monday, June 05, 2006

Hi-tech noodle eating tool for bury1883

Here you're... bury1883... you can now eat your Korean noodle in a much higher speed. I think it can be improved with conveyer belt added to the bowl, what do you think ???

Sorry bury1883 I was out-snipe by g-matang on the pair with Kudat straight line pmk. I thought he has it on cover already, but received his email this morning saying that he wasn't very sure it was 'KUDAT' he has, looks like he needs to re-organize his huge collection, by the way, my own memory is not that reliable neither :) , also shot was another sniper, capri412.

Well, at least I won one lot with a BROOKETON pmk on a Labuan stamp, paying through the nose as usual, as far as North Borneo pmk is concern, missesval is no longer a push-over, a strong contender is emerging.


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