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Sunday, July 23, 2006

gantianexpress - buy-it-now

gantianexprees got a bargain 'buy-it-now' deal, so he should have no more complain.

bury1883 and I have some recent complain about our work,
but after looking at the other photo that I've just received, it made me feel happier, at least we're not being shot at like that poor guy did. We should be grateful and think about the next trip you come to KK, I'll take you to eat more frogs :) Be happy !!!

Heard about sstawao's complain on the old subject : missing overseas mail, and that he was going to stop bidding at ebay. He just out bided me TODAY on a North Borneo cover. So don't take it too seriously when addicted ebayers like us talking about stop bidding at ebay, gantianexpress said the same after he won an expensive cover, chephe witness all that :) Good luck, suckers......


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