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Friday, July 14, 2006

Rare post WWII North Borneo postmark

capri412 won this one unchallenged, I thought bury1883 was going for it as he phone about this lot a few days before it closed. Seller's description : " This chop was used between 17.12.45 and possibly 27.6.46. The central slugs of the pre-war canceller were missing after the war, and these smaller ones were used until the new "Australian type" were supplied." A very nice trio of the HV of the set, well done capri412 !!!
bury1883 was in town yesterday, having dinner & coffee with me afterwards, he looked in high spirit, so I guess gantianexpress didn't sent out his dogs after all. bury1883 should be back to Tawau today in one piece :)

My lawyer friend has gone fishing today, so I get a breather too. I've been doing some ground-work for him for the passed few weeks and he passed on some of his work pressure to me at times, he better catch a few good fish today for my dinner or I'll make him pay for my future sea-food dinner :)

Will remain busy till August but I'll try to put in a few posting in between, if I get enough sleep. I know World Cup is finished, but some of my work has a date-line on 31st July !!! eerr...... work......


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