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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Answer to gantianexpress's question

gantianexpress : "what happened to your bid???"

silamstar : " Did I bid and my bid disappeared ??? Don't know what happened. Will watch this lot lah, may be the seller doesn't like me. If you saw my bid earlier, that means Ebay bend the rules for the seller."

May be the seller revised his listing and my bidding was deleted in the process. Mind you, only the sellers pay for listing fees and commission, not the buyers. American (or Taiwanese) justice at work again ??? Life goes on, we're used to these. Just to remind suckers like me, trading at ebay is not that safe and just, in addition to our postal delivery hazard.

Tips to gantianexpress : bury1883 is coming to town in two weeks time. Do you need my socks for your dogs to identify 'friendlies' ??? Just in case I'm nearby the target.


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