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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Our National Day without our Italian friend

Last 'yam-cha' with our Italian friend two weeks ago when he returned to Sabah for holiday. I believe he's now back to UAE doing his job, blasting out mountains. Hope I can get him the T-shirt as shown, so that when I, gantianexpress, chephe and serilabuk are running after him, others will follow. Can't imagine that he's celebrating our National Day with us, after the way our immigration Dept. treating him :)

Can't forget trying to export 'rambutan' to UAE, if they're selling US$1.00 a piece, as informed, I can retire very soon, taking up a full-time stamp hunting job. Dream on......

bury1883 is going to China, hunting for stamps. Hope he'll pass KK on his way home, so that gantianexpress and I can rob him. Recommend bury1883 and sstawao to fly their national flags in front of SESB today and prey for continue supply of power.


Anonymous Charles aka chauz85 said...

Hey there, nice blog! You may have forgotten me - some time last year (or the year before) I posted cash payment unregistered and it got lose in the mail! Bah, should have known the dishonesty of Malaysian mail handlers, being a Malaysian myself! ;)

5:39 PM  
Blogger silamstar said...

Malaysian continue to suffer incoming overseas mail lost, including registered ones. It's our own Malaysian that disgrace Malaysia, blame on the education failure, we provide academic qualifications without teaching them to be decent persons, the politicians are not presenting theselves as good examples, to put it mildly :) God bless Malaysia.

12:52 PM  

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