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Saturday, September 30, 2006

North Borneo 1909 REVENUE perfin

pfc9 of UK outbidding rheinhold for this stamp, at approx. 40% higher than the 1939 perfin stamp I posted on 2nd June,2006. rheinhold should now appreciate the low price that he won the 1939 stamp which is much more difficult than this one, the 1939 perfin stamps are probably the most difficult of all North Borneo perfins, it will be interesting to see the outcome of the recent SSS auction of the 1939 perfin stamp.

Have been 'lazy' for a while, so I hope to 'make up' the losses next month if gantianexpress let me post a few photo from his Governor Goodge photo album. He has obtained a photo album from Ireland, I believe to belong to the last Governor of North Borneo that was compiled around Christmas 1962. Vast variety of subjects regarding North Borneo seen. A very comprehensive album that may justify an exhibition on its own :) Well done, my friend, you've put Sabah Museum to shame.


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