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Friday, January 26, 2007

2007 greetings. Better late than never !

Having difficulty posting. Wishing everyone a peaceful 2007 ! I think the photograph was taken 60 years too late.... if there's anything that you should have done but forgotten, felt lazy etc..etc... it's better late than never, so... my friends wish you have the courage like the above. Must express gratitude to the supplier of the above pic, elopura. Thank you Bob, it's very educating :)

bury1883 has won some very good North Borneo stamps from a very 'cocky' UK seller that did not attract many bidders, at very good prices. How did the the 'dead chicken' taste like, my friend ??? Hope you actually receive them.

g-matang expressed concern about our flood here but I know gantianexpress and I won't worry, only chephe keeps his stamps downstairs :) tapiapi is reading our newspapers online from USA so he's not out of touch on Sabah affairs.

My 2007 wishes : Thanks for all the email and even telephone respond to some of my postings, but I wish you could press the 'comment' button and let others share the fun too :) May 2007 be a lucky year for everyone, with so many 'hawkeyes' watching ebay thesedays, we surely need it.


Blogger silamstar said...

bury1883 phone up to confirm the stamps arrived at his UK address on 27/1/2007.

12:38 PM  

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