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Thursday, November 30, 2006

North Borneo 1886 1c imperf pair used.

gantianexpress was out-snipe by dellboy777, UK. This interesting pair with certificate saying "Used is Genuine", wish I can see an imperf pair used on cover.

Received an email from tapiapi that he received a Gayah pmk that may not be recorded by Proud. I couldn't see it clearly from the original ebay scan. Hope he has more information on it later.

gantianexpress is on a long leave, so I guess he'd be watching every North Borneo item very closely. 'jab-see-gai' seems to be an ancient phrase for me now.

g-matang, I'm not sure about the kind Singapore police, will leave that judgment to the opposition party, may be I should say they're very diplomatic ??? I should not comment on police business, ours is not even diplomatic, like you, I don't want to shake their hands :)

Heard from chephe that we'll have a stamp fair at the end of the month in KK, organized by Mr. Bobby Voon. Should I expect to get a Brooketon pmk here ???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to have the folks watching this blog comment on a stamp being offered on Ebay. I surfed in here by Googling "genuine Borneo 9 a" -- a lucky hit. Here's what I found for sale by Angloamericanappraisal on Ebay (Item Number 380641937758) on May 20, 2013. The seller (who says he was a senior philatelist for Sothby's) stated: "North Borneo 1886 Arms 1c Orange Rare Perf 16 (Sg9var) MLH A very fresh example of this rare stamp: 1c orange perf 16 instead of perf 14 with bright color, VF centering, and lightly hinged OG (slightly disturbed) Un-priced in Gibbons or Scott but apparently very rare. Sound and VF." (Harvested from: I wrote to him and said that if it was not Perf. 14, then it wasn't (probably) genuine. He wrote back, insisting that his years of experience led him to believe it was genuine. What do you all think???
Kind regards to all,
Jud F. (from Virginia in the USA)

9:17 AM  

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