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Friday, November 10, 2006

Fake Gaya pmk ???

This lot won by chephe, out snipping gantianexpress with 'yours truly' at 3rd place shamefully snipping 25% the final price ! I was told some time later by chephe that the 2nd stamp and postmark was fake, I haven't seen the actual stamp but that's not unusual when buying over internet. I'm not saying this seller did it purposely but there're fakes around and we have to be careful.

Hope tapiapi is happy with the US mid-term result since he had to sleep early the night before, for the important event. You're a Democrate, aren't you tapiapi ! Never mind if you're not, Bush might win the next Noble Peace Prize by letting go of Ramsfield ??? Sorry, I'm being too political again.

For your information, g-matang and bury1883 that our Italian friend is back. He joined us at our regular 'yim-cha' session last Saturday night, looking as 'cocky' as ever, that means he's OK :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that I am reading every item you post on the blog. Very interesting and gives me much pleasure. So keep at it silamstar. Noted our Italiano friend is back. Mama mia! I met up with Booby Voon who operates from Merkeka Plaza (?) opposite KK Hyatt last weekend in Kuching at a local stamp fair. The standard of the fair had dropped considerably -nothing very exciting. However, I did buy my first Brooketon pmk. Hope to see you all in KK next year (?). cheers. g-matang

10:12 PM  
Blogger silamstar said...

Good to know you're still reading my blog :) posting less nowadays, lazy lah.

Gantianexpress was wondering how the Kuching fair doing, sad to hear the drop of standard but it's good news that Bobie Voon turned up there. It shouldn't be too bad if you can still find a Brooketon pmk there, paying through your nose, perhaps? I got my 1st in June from ebay.

I canceled my trip to Singapore, my sister & family will be coming to KK instead. We'll all be glad to see you in KK :)especially if you bring your nice collection to show us.

2:19 PM  

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