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Monday, November 20, 2006

Bush in Singapore

Didn't see you shaking Bush's hand on TV g-matang, but got a photo at your turf welcoming him though. Yes, you must recognize the place, but for the safety of your kids, won't show their faces here :)

Other than tapiapi I don't see many of my friends winning many items recently, are we 'out of date', may be we should all bid like we do at public auctions ???

gantianexpress is starting his 'long' leave but we have missed a few Saturday night 'yim-cha', guess I should call him during day time for a cup of tea, if he's not too busy writing-up his collection that never got started :)

My Tawau friend, bury1883, has been quiet, that fishy feeling of his changing of user name come up again. I should not suspect a friend, he is a honest man when he is not cheating like I do :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The slogan was put up by one of our "exchange students" an Ang Moh. Apparently the police was very kind to him and didn't nab him. You better not suggest that I shake hands with him! I don't want to get my hands contaminated. cheers. g-matang

4:24 PM  
Blogger silamstar said...

Ha ha ha !!!

2:48 PM  

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