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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

50th year of Malaysia ?????

I've been irritated by those who promote Malaysia's independence in 1957 for many years now, I'm disgusted every time I see the promotion on ASTRO TV. I'm posting this FDC to set a record so those stupid people will not try to change history again and to enlighten ignorants. If those people or politicians trying to change history due to their ignorance, it's acceptable as we know there're many. But for those who're doing it for some other motives, thinking that other people are more stupid than themselves, must be condemned. During a telephone conversation with a west Malaysian last week when this subject was touched, I confirmed that I won't be celebrating 50th year of Malaysia this year, because 50 years ago we were still North Borneo.

I've no other motive showing this Singapore FDC, just reflecting the truth, no offense, Singaporean. Malaysia FDC of this gray period from Singapore is appreciating, so done miss the boat :)

capri412 of NZ is preparing for his exhibits that's going to the Malacca Exhibition in December, 2007. I need to know the exact date to arrange for the trip. Those from Sabah, like bury1883 that loves travel and gantinexpress can contact me for the trip, others are welcomed too, the more the merrier :)


Blogger postpal said...

Year 1963 ? wasn't even born yet. Don't know much about Malaysia 50th year history. Singapore gain independence in Year 1965 though.

1:17 AM  
Anonymous Kuo said...

That only for MALAYA 1957 !!
North Borneo , Sarawak + Malaysia are in 1963 !!!!!
Gantianexpress, Thanks!!! i got many information from your blog.

from: Kuo

8:19 AM  
Blogger silamstar said...

On 16th September 1963 Malaya + Singapore + Sarawak + North Borneo formed a new country called MALAYSIA. In reality, Sarawak and North Borneo were independent countries from 31st August, 1963 to 15th Sept, 1963 !!!!! (14 days)

For your information, I'm silamstar NOT gantianexpress, he's much better looking than me :)

Glad that you've found my blog informative but it'll be even better if I can have more comments so that others can share what I don't know.

2:30 PM  

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