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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fake postmarks on sale on ebay

Saw a 4c on $10 with the KUDAT A AU 15 1899 fake pmk selling over US$40.00 in January reminded me of my earlier years of collection. Now I see an other 18c stamp closing soon at ebay with a CDS cancel over the bars, starting at GBP12.00. I hope these sellers did not do it by intention, otherwise this world will look very ugly.

With the Chinese New Year getting close, I'm here wishing all my friends & buddies a very prosperous year of the Pig, just don't get slaughtered like one :) With no offence to my Muslim friends, I wish it could be the year of the Cat instead but all my Muslim friends are very understanding and laughing it off. As for the 'orang putih' friends, if you find us eating like pigs, I can assure you that it's not going to be for this year only :) Eat, gamble and ang paw, without them, Chinese New Year won't feel like New Year. Firecrakers may be banned, we still have the Dragon & Lion dances to make noise. We are noisy people.



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