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Monday, March 26, 2007

Mail lost in Singapore too

I have always thought very highly of the Singapore postal services, but the year 2007 is a bad year. I have so far lost 3 from UK, 1 from Belgium and 1 from Australia. Even though they were not registered, I email SingPost nonetheless, it'll be ashame to see Singapore's reputation down the drain. I don't know what they'll do but I've done my part to inform them :)

2007 may be a bad start for me so far, but it is very good year for gantianexpress, he has won quite a few good stamps, even though distracted by nick ties. He was having a cup of coffee with me yesterday and I said the stamp (shown) he just won, worth 10 times the closing price. I was too busy and forgot to put in a snipe for it, so he saved a few bucks for that. He would have won it any way, his pocket was made to measure at his arm's length :)

My father has been giving me money all my life and I'm still not as rich as gantianexpress or bury1883, I think he should continue to give me more money. What do you think ? If you know what's wrong with me, please tell our politicians. Some of them may suggest that I find a new and richer father :) Judging from the moral standard, logic and mentality of some of our politicians, they could easily come out with such simple and direct solution as usual :) Life is interesting though may be ugly sometimes with them around :)


Anonymous chauz85 said...

I have lost faith in the Malaysian postal service - but the "demise" of the Singaporean postal service comes as a bit of a shock.

Anyway, I enjoy your blog very much. Always a rewarding experience to learn a thing or two from experienced collectors like yourself... though I still don't quite get the collection of postmarks. :)

4:28 PM  
Blogger silamstar said...

Always feel good to receive comment, it's encouraging.

Not real a very advance collector but enjoy exchanging information with others with the same interest.

There're few postmark collectors in Sabah, I known gantianexpress, bury1883, sstawao collect North Borneo postmarks. tapiapi from USA wasn't collecting postmarks when I met him in Sabah a few years back, he's now strongly into the subject. Let me know when you join the club :)

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Philately is not what it used to be. It is now an awful vice, and a highly addictive one, that requires a very deep pocket. I fully sympathethize with Silamstar. It certainly helps if one comes from a wealthy background. And this is where one must choose one's father or the 4-digit number very very carefully. I made a wrong choice in life and that explains why I never get very far in this vice! As a school lad I fell in love with the coconut trees depicted in the NB KG6 2c green stamp. That humble piece of paper gave me so much pleasure for years, in the absence of any other toys. And this is what philately should really be; it should NOT to be viewed as an investment!! Incidentally, that love for coconut trees has lingered on. And now my little garden in Kuching has about 10 trees all doing very well! g-matang

11:26 PM  
Blogger silamstar said...

Looks like gantianexpress & I can come to eat your coconuts soon :)

Sorry, I only planted some chili in my small garden. Have 3 variety now, still looking for more. Post me some dried seeds if you find good ones :) Don't think the postmen will be interested in them.

1:43 PM  

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