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Sunday, April 01, 2007

2007 a fantastic year for gantianexpress

Made expensive by bury1883 and chephe but it's still worth it. Congratulation gantianexpress ! Don't forget to give me a good scan of this pmk for my reference when the stamp arrives. This would be the 2nd known copy in Sabah, the only other one is in the collection of our Italian friend, 'the mountain mover' :)

Got a email respond from SingPost about my missing mail, they couldn't find them. They said they would monitor my foreign mail from now on. Well, let's see if Singapore's rating is going down to the level of Malaysia and Indonesia. Hope g-matang is not affected in his area. May be someone in Jurong East is learning from the British postman that had bags of undelivered mail found in his home :)

Saw on TV that NZ was having flood, hope capri412 is not keeping his stamps downstairs like chephe. Referring to his earlier email to me about PosMalaysia not sponsoring the KL Exhibition after privatization. We in KK already experienced that a few years ago when we did ours here. They were even cheeky enough to ask for two free tables !!! May be it's the only postal authority in the world that doesn't sponsor stamp fair and exhibition, I'm not sure, enlighten me please. It would be interesting if the KL organizers could get SingPost to sponsor the KL Exhibition ??? :) If it happens, I don't know where PosMalaysia would hide their faces. Having said all these, hope the Malacca Exhibition will be on, and capri412 can return to Singapore in December and happily exhibit his work there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can assure Silamstar that his mail didn't accidentally end up in my mail box! It would of course be interesting - it might contain things not necessarily of a philatelic nature! My experience with Singpost has been a happy one. No complaints, only my praise. A few years ago, I complained to Singpost that my registered mail (with US$25 enclosed) went missing down under. The seller believed that I did send the money and he (actually a she) sent me the item without asking for further payment. I felt pie-say. So I reimbursed her. Singpost came back to me 2 months later to say they couldn't trace my mail and paid me for my loss. I don't expect POS Boleh will do that! My long suffering friends in Kuching continue to lose their items...

10:53 PM  
Blogger silamstar said...

Glad to hear that SingPost is still working well in your area, but Jurong East area is down graded to POS Boleh level and the manager is not a Chinese, no offence meant.

Hope your 'ever-building' house in Kuching i ready for the 2008 Olympics :) Please convey my deepest condolence to your friends there, we understand their feeling.

12:45 PM  

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