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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Talk on colonial stamps - Sandakan 3rd April, 2007

Today's Daily Express says there's a Mr.Wong having a talk on Borneo stamps, I'm very interested but it is going to be in Sandakan tonight, so I can't make it. May be one day we can have knowledgeable people like gantianexpress or g-matang to do it in KK. If the timing is right, tapiapi from USA might even turn up :)

There is a Sabahan community discussion board at eBay Malaysia. The desire to arrange for a gathering in KK for the local eBayers (of all interests) is noted but I am not a good organizer, hope someone can do it. Not that I'm pushing the work to someone else, honestly, just look at my office desk you'll understand.

There are so many stamp collectors in KK but few are serious and able to advance, that I have to blame POS Boleh's inability to promote the hobby. Hope Sandakan has a better situation after the talk.


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