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Friday, August 17, 2007

Where the hell was MAS

Where the hell was MAS when Brunei Airline sponsored our unsung heroes ? It again shows that MAS doesn't know how to do business, I hope our Government will not let them waste our taxpayers money, like all those 'none-profit-oriented' businesses, they should not be allowed to exist for the good of the nation.

I only know Chinese,Bajau and Murut were the main anti-Japanese locals forces during the Japanese Occupation period, it is enlightening to know being humane is good enough to be heroes. Having said that, some of their humane acts towards other races were also heard and recognized. I consider those Murut who ambushed 600 surrendered Japanese soldiers on their way home were heroes. They lived by jungle rules, no such thing as surrender, the Japanese never respected the Geneva Convention anyway :)

For those who have not heard of the song 'Negarakuku', utube is a worthwhile site to visit. Comments are interest to read too. Some stating UNCHANGEABLE agreement, some defend their given RIGHTS, you'll understand how some Malaysian love their country the same way Chen-Shui-Bian loves Taiwan. By universal standard, no one has the right to 'suck dry' one's country, if such rights were given, it should be changed. Not even item without life is UNCHANGEABLE, a corpse will change after buried. Selective changes were made by those who are shamelessly talking about UNCHANGEABLE agreement today.


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