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Friday, July 20, 2007

North Borneo 1890 used stamp

When gantianexpress won a similar stamp a few months ago, I considered it a 'jab-see-gai', yesterday this stamp closed at ebay at 3 times the price he paid, he must be a very happy man now :)

North Borneo stamps are going up in prices so fast that I can no longer win any useful lot, also a good sign to see such stamps being won by bidders from Russia and Eastern European countries. That means my collection is appreciating :) I'm not a 'die hard' North Borneo collector, I believe I'll sell my entire North Borneo collection one day if the price is right after I've done my fun with it. I'll always be ready to start a new area anytime, being a 'die hard' stamp collector :)

bury1883 has been MIA for some time, I recently received an email from him, don't know sending from where : " A lot of stamp shops in Barcelona but no North Borneo material found." If he can read this blog, I'd advise him not to eat the bull's balls, in case he hasn't heard of the 'ham sab bull fighting' story. Bulls don't always got killed.

capri412 is still frustrated by the uncertainty of the Malacca stamp exhibition 2007, if anyone has any information, please comment, he'll be reading my blog regularly. The exhibition was supposed to coincide with the opening of the Postal Museum of Malacca.


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