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Monday, October 08, 2007

Crush over North Borneo fiscal used block of 6

bury1883 phoned to inform me of the crush between gantianexpress & sstawao last weekend. I noted higgijon UK was also involved in this 3 sided snipe won by gantianexpress . The last time he crushed me was in 2005 over a strip of 3 X 10c fiscal used, at a lower altitude than this one :) I'm still having the strip with The Standard Chartered Bank chop and the other few interesting postally used stamps. No hard feeling, this thing happen from time to time :)

Last weekend the subject of Malaysian astronaut came out over a chat. A friend said : ' You should be proud of the achievement. If you don't like the country, you can migrate somewhere else.' It sounded familiar but came out from the mouth of a Sabahan Chinese, that's amazing. I didn't know we have Sabahan Chinese so low :) 4 persons in the room and there was one who seemed to agree to such rubbish. What is even more horrifying is, these two persons are actively involve in promoting Sabah Chinese education activities !!! I'm grateful I refused to join them earlier, I can't afford to help make the next generation lower than slaves, at least the slaves hated to be enslaved. I didn't feel offended, it was enlightening to me :) In case you wanted to know my answer : ' Yes, I will travel elsewhere, when the weather is good and will return home when I feel like eating satay but I will not give my rights in Sabah.' What I didn't say was :' When Sabah becomes a place not even fit for a dog to live, I'll come back to see you from time to time. If you think that's a scientific achievement, call back your son who is studying space science in China and study in a university in Malaysia.' I didn't think it was necessary to insult him. Let me be kind to fools who want to remain fools for ever.

Confucius said,"Men live with honesty. The dishonest live, spared by fortune."


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