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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Keningau Provisional post mark

A few days after crashing me over a North Borneo covers lot, gantianexpress out snipe sstawao for this lot with this clear and beautiful Keningau Provisional pmk, almost a full strike with the 2 stamps together.

Last Friday afternoon I met sstawao in gantianexpress home digging into an old biscuit tin for old Tawau photograph :) Got one & left happily but did not come to our Italian friend's home that night where he & gantianexpress showed each other's while chephe and I were witnessing :) The Italian did not show us the album homing his medal winning North Borneo pages, but it was impressive enough, with a never seen before, specimen set of North Borneo stamps tied by chops of postal authority of some sort, for filing or display purposes. Also saw some red Silam chops and other rare pmk & revenue cancellations.

Having read the news on the Australians' WWII Sandakan memorial service, I notice the recent US, Australia and Japan + others joint military exercise. May be the Australian had forgiven & forgotten but I doubt if the Japanese will ever forget the 2 atomic bombs dropped on them, God bless America ! (As they always said) I believe most Japanese people are OK but their right wingers still having strong influence over their government, they don't see anything wrong invading other countries, now they've found a friend or two. God bless Australia too :)


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