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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The lazy man responded...

Sorry gang.... being lazy & will be busy in the last 2 months of 2007. Really...!!!

I will be very happy if anyone can identify the post mark of the top 3 stamps for me. I offered 25% of the seller's selling price but rejected, so I have to stay happy just keeping the scan :)

The bottom row, $2 & $5 are 'JUDICIAL' perfin. This lot saw bury1883 out-snipe tapiapi & gantianexpress on 09-Oct-07 at a reasonable price. bury1883 said he would sell the $2 stamp to his gang, sstawao, one more happy man :) who was out-snipe by me for the $1 perfin in October, 2000.

My friend, gantianexpress, has not been very happy recently. He was out-gunned by a kudat109 for a North Borneo collection containing a very nice GAYAH S.O.N pmk and some other nice cancels. It was a 4 snipers fight, with bury1883, tapiapi came in 3rd & 4th, a total of 13 bids. Almost all the 'kaki' turned up :) The scan is too big to be included here, you may check eBay item#220162218432 , for those who're too late to see the scan from eBay may email me for it. How can I not saved the scan for this event :)

gantianexpress, chephe & yours truly interrogated a suspect as kudat109 and got a confession. We now know who is kudat109 :) gantianexpress was denied the pleasure of torturing during the process, that I can assure you !

Lost 4 overseas letters to Jurong East, Singapore since September, the total lost in 2007 is now 10. Hope it'll end soon. It looks like very little SingPost can do. When thieves are not caught & punished, stealing will continue (I'm telling you, chephe, report to the police ! :)). To pay shipping by registered mail every time, is not an option for 'jab-see-gai', it defeats the purpose :) So good luck friends, prayers will not be entertained !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is an easy one, I was pretty sure it was in Africa - as noted per Wikipedia - History [Salisbury, Rhodesia; now Harare, Zimbabwe):
The city was founded in 1890 as a fort by the Pioneer Column, a military volunteer force of settlers organised by Cecil Rhodes. The city was originally named Fort Salisbury after the 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, then British prime minister and it subsequently became known simply as Salisbury. It was declared to be a municipality in 1897 and it became a city in 1935. Salisbury was the capital of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland from 1953 to 1963. After that point it was the capital of the Independent Republic of Rhodesia, until independence from minority rule in 1980, whereupon the country was renamed Zimbabwe. In between it was the capital of the short-lived state of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. It retained the name Salisbury until 1982.

The name of the city was changed to Harare on April 18, 1982, the second anniversary of Zimbabwean independence, taking its name from the Shona chieftain Neharawa. It is also said the name derived from the European corruption of "Haarari" ("He does not sleep"), the epithet of the chief whose citadel was located in the area known today as the Kopje (pronounced "Koppie"). It was said that no enemy could ever launch a sneak attack on him. Prior to independence, "Harare" was the name of the Black residential area now known as Mbare.

'Kopje' is Afrikaans for a stone outcrop.

Hope all is well,


10:03 AM  
Blogger silamstar said...

Thanks for the info, Jon. Can these be 'good' pmk applied on letter when the stamps on incoming mail were not cancelled ? The pmk were better than my laser printer can produce :) That's why I was thinking of 'recruiting' them to my 'reference collection'.

11:15 AM  

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