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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas !!! Wishing you one year older but one year wiser :)

Picked up a 'jab-see-gai' for a few bucks last month. The C & s in Cents dropped variety not mentioned in the SG catalog as informed by tapiapi. The variety is recorded in ISC catalog by Steven Tan, but not priced. Advised by sarawakiana to publish this here to benefit those who have no ISC catalog.

I've slow down buying to avoid the 'high risk period' (November to March) as our postal service is not that reliable.

Last week saw chephe out-snipe sstwao for a North Borneo 1964 cover to Germany at a very high price. I wonder if he was bidding on behalf of somebody else, he is only collecting FMS seriously. I suspected gantianexpress, if so this guy (sorry, wrong spelling, this horny fellow is not gay) is stabbing his 'brother' from the back :) I have not asked, not sure if I should be so curious. Hope gantianexpress will make a comment here to clear his name for Christmas. I'm not accusing, but he's the prime suspect, bury1883 already phone up to test the water.

Let the festive season be kind & forgiving !!! After that....we can fight dirty again.


Blogger King Qi said...

Hey mate - haven't seen you updating your blog for a while now! It's chauz85 here if you still remember - alright, so maybe not. ;)

12:04 PM  
Blogger silamstar said...

Knew I would be busy till Chinese New Year but it looks like it'll be late March or April that I can be relax again.

Are you going back to Penang to vote ? Heard there's a strong anti-UMNO sentiment there.

May the year of Rat brings you great fortune :)

3:05 PM  

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