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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Postage Due with stop

Nice used copy of this difficult stamp won by tapiapi at ebay recently. Not many interesting items from Borneo being offered for the past month, except some from colchew, a Sabahan collector specialize in Japanese Occupation & early items, but they were never cheap for those quality items. gantianexpress may have picked up some nice items from him and a bag or two for the wife :)

I have been trying to jab-see-gai from Jeremy6139's Br. Commonwealth listing with little success, any winning will be delivered by hand on
Jeremy6139's next trip to KK, best service anywhere in the world :)

Raining very often since August, I received no 'yam-cha' SMS from gantianexpress last night, so it'll be the next good Saturday for 'yam-cha' unless
gantianexpress buys a cow for 10 cents, or something like that in the next few days :)


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