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Sunday, June 07, 2009

A forge Kuching post mark ???

I received an email from owley of Australia yesterday regarding my posting on 2nd June, 2008. He suspected the post mark might be a forge KUCHING post mark on the 18c stamp. I went home to do an other check, the result as shown above. I found it a good match of the Proud D.7 post mark. I have not seen the forge KUCHING post mark, so I cannot tell the difference. I would be grateful if I can have more comment and information from you all, on this subject.

Our local eBayer heroes have caught a postal thief in Kota Kinabalu and reported to the Police. I have not seen it reported on the newspaper yet but will be after the progress of the matter. Meanwhile, you may click PosMalaysia's enemies to have fun. Before all the stolen goods buyers are caught, you might still find good material here, especially if you are a 'red-hair devil' :)


Blogger sarawakiana said...

Hi Johnny
KUCHING is a 7-letter word and KUDAT is a 5-letter word. The 'K' in the NB stamp shown is a bit high up and not consistent with a 7-letter type word. KUCHING in a 28mm diameter rotates nearly half of the circle space. In all of my KUCHING postmarks from 1880's to postwar, there is none with a 'K' placed in a position like the one shown in the example. I do not know which this 'K' belongs to if it is not KUDAT? All the best wishes for finding out.


3:05 PM  
Blogger silamstar said...


Thanks for the info. gantianexpress & I still think it was the correct KUDAT CDS. May be we'll see the next issue of the SSS journal where there might be an article about N.Borneo forgeries & hopefully there's something about the possible fake KUCHING chop on N.Borneo stamps by owley :)

2:33 PM  

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