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Friday, March 10, 2006

60 year old bear gall bladders

Before WWII my Dad bought these 2 bear gall bladders from a Murut hunter in Beaufort for $5. It can be seen from the scan that they were tied by rattan at one end. Both are dried and harden. Judging from the size of these, the Sun Bears must be of 'XXXL' size, if they were Sun Bear at all.

It's amazing that my Dad still had them after WWII, he must be treating these as life saving medicine ! Living condition during and after WWII was very hard in North Borneo. They're now in my collection, since I can't bring the two bears back to life, I may as well keep whatever left of them :)

By the way, the wooden ruler is also about 40 year old, in my collection.


Blogger postpal said...

Wow ! Gong Gong still keeps such things. Really treasure and hard to find. Interesting collection. How come I never get to see them when I was in Sabah ?

9:45 PM  

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