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Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Christmas present 2009

Happy New Year !

I received about 2 kg on paper for Christmas this year from my brother-in-law, collected over decades from his office. A quick glance picking, a Hong Kong piece with official 'Postage Paid' canceling a 50c stamp ?!! The other one is a clear CDS over a pair of beautiful 'Opera-crown' stamps dated 2002 February, Beijin. At the pace of Beijin development, I wonder if that post office is still around, given the clear CDS applied, it is likely to be a small & no so busy post office. Thanks for a treasure hunting present.

The British
(& EU) politicians are making a lot of noice over the execution of a drug (4kg) smuggler by the Chinese court. If they're not happy with Chinese laws, may be they can send their gun-boats to China to start the 3rd Opium War like they did in 1840 ??? I don't request Gordon Brown to eat dog because I do it in Malaysia. Please have mutual respect to others' laws & custom for a better & fair world 2010.


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