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Friday, August 13, 2010

Silam outgoing mail via Sandakan ?

Sharing the view of a stamp with Silam and Sandakan 8 JA 1892 red post mark. Assuming a letter sent from Silam via Sandakan.

Confirmed by a few 'hawk-eye' friends that the Silam pmk is about up side down. The red Sandakan pmk is clear & without dispute.

I'm posting this before I'm off for 2 weeks, just in case my creditors miss me :)

ASEAN + 8 is the end of ASEAN leading the S E Asia affairs. We have more stupid politicians in ASEAN than I thought :)

bury1883 loves politics, I hope he'll have comment on this :)

I've been told there's a Stamp & Coin fair at the China Town,Singapore from 19th - 22nd August. Hope I can go 'look-see look-see'.


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