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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Is TELEKOM MALAYSIA in deep shit ?

Did not post anything yesterday because of an annoying telephone call from KL Telekom Malaysia threaten to disconnect my phone line if I don't up in 7 days, I owe them RM93.53 !!!! I was busy looking up my old phone bill for my account number so that I can pay them online quickly. I don't want my line disconnected like it happened to gantianexpress. A client just phone up while I'm typing this, his home telephone line was disconnected because he has an outstanding of RM200+ and he had placed a deposit of RM1,200 with them !!!!

Is TELEKOM MALAYSIA in deep shit ? Being a public listed company, I think the public has the right to know their REAL financial status. I remember being over-charged RM500 -600 and only refunded after 6-7 months, it also happened to gantianexpress , something also happened to chephe's account around that period. Very fishy......

Is TELEKOM MALAYSIA now 'sink and swim' with our MAS ? God bless Malaysian under the 'rule' of those who 'love' Malaysia but cannot differentiate the '1957 Malaya Independence' and '1963 Malaysia Independence'. They should start collecting stamps and learn some history, Singaporean are laughing at us.


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