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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of Rabbit

Happy New Year Greetings to all my friends and those 'over-sex bunny ' friends, have a good rest over the CNY, it may be the year of the Rabbit but that doesn't mean......

Today I see a Straits Settlement stamp with Christmas Island cancel being auction over Ebay. At the time of writing, it is not yet closed. I am not bidding on it because I cannot afford the current price :) I always find this interesting, I thought Cocos Island & Christmas Island being administrated by Singapore office in the 1950's, may be Christmas Island was earlier. I acquired one last month with the post mark year inverted. A 'jab-see-gai' for the Chinese New Year, it makes a good finishing for the year of Tiger, may be a good start for the year of Rabbit ??? Hope you do too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Johnny,

GONG XI FAT CAI to you and all of the 'Yam Cha' group.

Happy Hunting...

6:48 PM  

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