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Monday, July 21, 2008

Papar & Keningau ealy post marks

A nice lot won by gantianexpres recently at a good price, ssstawao earlier won a cover with the Papar pmk at 5 times the price of this lot. The two big chops were used before the official steel chops were ready, so they were used for a short period. The 1st Papar provisional chop (without the center box) was used in 1949 before this 'boxed' chop. Keningau and Semporna were the other two towns using the provisional chop (without the center box). 2nd provisional chop with the center box only used in Papar. Date inverted are known and seen for these post marks.

Have not heard from bury1883 for quite some time but received a short SMS from him last week regarding a politician, therefore I know he is not yet obsolete. Hope to hear from g-matang about his last Sinjiang trip, there must be a lot of good stories :)

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