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Thursday, June 28, 2007

North Borneo 1939 issue

Had a 'yim cha' session last night with the newly arrived UK seller, gantianexpess & chephe. The subject of the above 1939 issue was brought up because the $5 mounted mint closed at ebay at very high price yesterday. I always consider this a 'worth keeping' set. Excluding the 'WAR TAX' overprint, the complete set had been over printed 4 times, (Japanese occupation twice, BMA & Royal Cypher) how many of the original 'un-overprinted' set do you think will remain ?

North Borneo stamps are selling like hot cakes, including CTO that makes my collection of CDS used very expensive and difficult. May be forced to go into other areas until the 'hot wave' passed, if it ever will :) I've been saying this for years and still cannot resistputting in a bid when I see a 'good one' :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Interesting theory

Came across something interesting that should be shared with others. In addition to " One who works like a donkey, lives like a donkey", working smart leads to better life ??? I hope this theory will comfort poor people like me, I've no money because I know too much !??

Have not heard from bury1883 for some time, but gantianexpress, chephe and tapiapi are doing well at ebay, winning some good North Borneo stuff.

Someone looking for traveling companion after reading my previous post. I'm planning for a NZ trip next year but will not want the company of other collectors, sorry. I'll try to get a few 'fishing' friends rather than 'collecting' ones :) Competitors, you know :) I also have 'eating' friends asking me to go to China with them. I think I'll need to erase some of my knowledge (if Ive any) very soon :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

An interesting Labuan pmk

Received an email from tapiapi yesterday regarding the Labuan pmk he saw on ebay. The day showing numbers of different font but I thought the pmk looked like the D5 of Proud's book. Could it be a replacement of a damaged day slug ? tapiapi also pointed out the same seller listed many Labuan stamps with the same pmk & date, almost all s.o.n. so I guess they were favored cancels from the post office. Comments from other collectors on this will be most welcomed and enlightening.

gantianexpress informed me that a UK seller is coming to KK end of the month who is a Chinese, might even be a Sabahan since she is retiring to live here soon. She had lost some mail selling to Sabah too. I wonder if her out going mail from Sabah will be safe in the future. I don't know if this is her strategy : If you can't beat them, join them ???!!!

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