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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

bury1883's flowers

bury1883 has been buying flower seeds over the net, hope his flowers come out with the expected colour or I'll have to call up my little niece again, she likes to colour up things, gantianexpress won't let her do it on his stamps and covers though. I did not see bury1883's flowers during my last trip to Tawau, may be wasn't very successful.

I'm planting a variety of chili, will be getting a new variety from Australia when my niece returns in June. I like those really hot ones, will give some to bury1883, that should go well with his Korean mee and tiger prawns :)

Saw an offer of a few blocks of North Borneo 1947 with sheet numbers at ebay auction, will try to scan one with the number printed on the stamp, that should be interesting, don't you think ???

Friday, May 26, 2006

Clue to Tawau black-out ???

Found a case history for black-out, bury1883... May be you should get sstawao to put the Orang Utan to the wheel instead ??? You may then industrialize Tawau if you plant enough bananas, not for you two but for the Orang utan :)

bury1883... there're 2 stamps on piece with the Kudat pmk, may be we can share ??? Don't cut horizontally !!!! I need 1 stamp with the pmk, not 2 halves, I know 2 halves = to 1.

My visitors are returning to Singapore this evening, so I guess I'd have more time on the net then. gantianexpress is now doing 5-day/week, must get him 'yim-cha' more often than just Saturday nights which very often rain.

Have not attended to serilabuk's business proposal, he must have thought that I struck it rich already, by selling my stamps ???? Just a dream, my friend, don't take it too seriously :) Will phone you when I get gantianexpress to 'yim-cha'.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

g-matang's experience in India

Out-gunned by another sniper today, so did g-matang during his trip to India. he's now safely returned to Singapore, with his permission, I post part of his email regarding his trip for your amusement :
"Back from India yesterday - not a place to go for a holiday (I was on business) unless one is prepared to put up with all sorts of bugs and car and cow traffic. The VVIP room at the world renown Indian Institute of Technology was crawling with huge coachroaches and bed bugs!! A thunder storm knocked out the power supply in the middle of the night and the room was like a furnace (it was Indian Summer)! One member of our delegation got stung by a hornet and was in great agony. We rushed her to a clinic and the "doctor" - could not speak English, gave her a jab on the backside, watched by a dozen of curious and sympathetic onlookers. I think the exposure of her backside to so many strangers caused her more anguish than the hornet's sting! I was more concerned over possible allergic shock and I had to ring Australia and Singapore to get some medical help. As a lad growing up in Sibu Sarawak, I got stung many times and the usual treatment was to rush for the nearest pee pot and immersed my hand or whichever part of the body into the stinking liquid (the stronger the smell, the better) for 10 minutes or so. The ammonia apparently did the trick. I forgot about this treatment. There were mountains of cow dung everywhere (processed into pancakes and laid out for sun baking) and surely that (especially freshly laid ones) must have worked equally well. The damage (one syringe, one capsule of steroid and one capsule of anti-histimine drugs, plus one prescription) came to a princely sum of 50 Rupees or MR4!"

We should be grateful to live in Sabah, bury1883, I've found the possible cause for the frequent black-out in Tawau. WATCH-OUT for my next posting !!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

elopura bought my stamp

elopura bought my stamp with a SANDAKAN April fool dated pmk. He's no fool but a knowledgeable and humorous collector in fact. Wish he would comment on my blog so as to share the fun with you all.

bury1883 phone up to complain their black-out this morning again in Tawau. We seem to have sufficient power for the passed few days here in KK, hope it wasn't due to their sacrifice. :)

Grounded again yesterday due to the defect of the spare part used on the previous repair, bury1883 didn't forget to tell me to change my car this morning :)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Rude Orang Utan

I do not know if this Orang Utan ever caught V.D. but I know Sandakan Health Dept. had been working efficiently, they cancelled our North Borneo stamps since long ago.

Who taught this fellow all these ? Of course I'd suspect gantianexpress but he's so far away, and bury1883 is nearer to Sandakan, then again, sstawao goes into the jungle more often than any of us, that makes him the prime suspect. Right ?!!! :)

chephe told me this morning that his assume lost registered letter was found, it arrived in February 2006 !!! He also received an ordinary airmail from Switzerland that takes him out of the 'total lost' category. Well done, chephe !!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Health Dept. SANDAKAN 1904

Obtained one of this chop in year 2000 on a 1888 50c stamp that's not showing very well on a violet background. Hope the 'hawk eyes' can see the 'TH' on this chop I recently acquired. Found this quite interesting, not very sure if this had anything to do with the 'one track sexy mind' of some of our Orang Utan (watch out for my next blog, photo of the Orang Utan is on the way).

Received a phone call last night from bury1883 regarding the Black-out, was informed that they had an over 24hr black-out on Monday in Tawau, and proudly announced that he and sstawao survived it and were ready for the next one in the near future. SALUTE to the survivors of the wild wild East !!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Black-out and Dry-up in Sabah

We had a black-out from about 9.30 p.m. for just over an hour last night, gantianexpress probably slept already and chephe might be having canddlelight dinner with the wife anyway, so it might not affect them so much, not sure about serilabuk if his area was affected.

No water this morning when I left home, hope the supply will return when I get home this evening. I drink Coca-cola or Pepsi and learn to cook with them, so it won't affect me so much. If the BN thinks that I'll support them like the Taiwanese support Chan-suibian, I probably will, the Sabahan are stupid anyway.

Those who planned to retire in Sabah are having serious thinking, that's the latest information I received :)

Got my recent winning (via Singapore address), it looks like the 13 bars of Sandakan (Proud K1) in red. Am I attracted to colourful stuff like gantianexpress already ???

Received an email from g-matang today, so he's OK. He's going to India tonight for one week, hope he's his own food & drinks supply with him from Singapore :)

Friday, May 12, 2006

PosMalaysia mail lost

serilabuk attached this scan of newspaper cutting with his recent email that I think is worth reading. Double click your mouse at the picture to get a better viewing.

Mail lost has been affecting us for a long time already and is getting worse, according to gantianexpress and chephe, nearly 100% lost of their overseas ordinary mail since February, 2006. To be fair to PosMalaysia, security of sorting office at KLIA should be investigated as well. I do not know how efficient is our Government, but luggage lost is frequent and well known all over the world for years already. Though I believe most of us are honest but cannot deny the fact that there are too many cases happening at KLIA that disgrace Malaysia. I can assure you that there will be more than just postal staff that will need weeding out. Malaysian’s dignity is on the firing line, workers at airports all over Malaysia are exporting it, of course PosMalaysia also has its contribution :) Our Government doesn't seem to care about it ???

Education failure is taking effect, very soon we'll be like those Taiwanese who will not tell their true nationality whenever possible, due to shame and they're the 'good' ones who'll feel shameful. We have too many Malaysian qualified to be President of Taiwan ? May be that's the success story of our education system :) God bless Malaysia.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

BANDAU North Borneo pmk

Have not posted for some time. Thought I'd shsre my latest arrival of the BANDAU pmk with you, this lot came with TENOM and TAMPARULI which are also good.

Just received a SMS from 'chephe' reporting his latest lost of registered letter via our super PosMalaysia. Hope he can get a claim somewhere. My 1939 issue from Argintina is still on the way but the seller has responded my enqiry and provided me with a tracking number, at least he told me he posted the registered letter 5 days later than I expected, i.e. there's still hope :)

Last meeting with gantianexpress, chephe and serilabuk two of them complaining near total lost of rodinary mail from overseas. Looks like we have serious collectors working at KLIA or our post office.

Last received an email from g-matang sending from Kuching on 29th April, having fight with his contractor.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

chephe's jab-see-gai

chephe, hope they come with original gum, real beauty. Can't win any good North Borneo lately, might venture into your 'turf'. Saw your wife at Karamunsing yesterday while you were parking your car.

Thanks gantianexpress , I'm bidding on the cover, keep them coming but I won't bid high, you should do the same.

Hope g-matang won his fight with the contractor and return to Singapore in one piece :)

Monday, May 01, 2006


Lot closed but it didn't look like the Proud D4 in my book, as described by the Australian seller. Must verify with gantianexpress, he has the latest copy of the E.Proud book.

chephe has won some nice high value Straits stamps last week, will make some money re-selling them, especially if they come with full gum. Will show the scan next time.

Have not heard from bury1883 since he lost the Beaufort cover to g-matang who is fighting his contractor that failed to complete his house which started 2 years ago. May be we should ask 'Wong-see-fu' (gantianexpress) to help him :)

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