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Friday, April 28, 2006

My 'jab-see-gai' on 18.04.2006

Having problem with my car, OK, gantianexpress, I know you told me to buy a new car.

Must show you part of the Br.Commonwealth lot I won earlier that included a set North Borneo 1939 mint. Hope it'll arrive from Argintina by 'certified' mail. Well, no pain no gain, some smart ass told me, guess the few sleepless night may be worthwhile, if it ever arrives.

Hi gantianexpress our Gantian pmk on Labuan stamps might get on to SSS journal soon. Will try to get the scan of your copy this weekend.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sarawak perfin

Just sold a Sarawak perfin stamp on ebay won by higgijon for a few bucks. Knowing nothing about the stamp, hope someone will enlighten me. It's good to show that good stuff can be found from my auction (sometimes), I don't filter my pee.

Just won a 'jab-see-gai' lot from Argintina & gantianexpress already email me "!@#$%^ so f**king lucky". I hope to see his own 'jab-see-gai' Borneo cover tonight, he said already arrived.

serilabuk is quite active at ebay recently, hope he's doing well.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

serilabuk done it again !!!

bury1883 was wondering if I got my keyboard that I've not written for a few days. The answer is : the manufacturer retained it for his own use, he needed it more tha me !

Well done serilabuk you're selling your good stuff ??? I know gantianexpress is waiting for your 'DOLLAP' $10 stamp :) Couldn't get him on the phone whole day yesterday, may be he went into some 'kampong' looking for stamps, being a 'serious' collector, as he put it. Good luck to him. He hasn't answered my email regarding if he made offer for a small collection that I suspected he did.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Looking for a new keyboard

My keyboard upper case key (shift) is not working properly, so I've been looking for a new keyboard, some smart ass suggested that I should get one with a 'panic key' as shown, which may be very useful to me, damn it !

We have all sort of fantasy about stamps & postmarks, this type of keyboard is acceptable, right ? gantianexpress ?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fake pmk at ebay ???

Saw a North Borneo lot by an Italian seller, starting at GB19.00. Nice 1901 postmarks applied to stamps issued in 1909 ??? I'm watching this lot, just hope that none of my friend is going for it. Good luck to the suckers !!!

Won a cover from serilabuk , must pay him quickly, he's already given me a +ve feedback for free. No yim-cha last night due to rain, must contact the gang by phone in the next few days.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Good job ! serilabuk

Nice cover sold by serilabuk today, Singaporean are bidding up some nice covers lately, but some Sabahan like gantinaexpress and sstawao are doing OK.

I'm bidding your 'Jesselton' cover, serilabuk. If the Singaporean wants it, pay a bit higher lah... no jab-see-gai.

Hope it's not raining tonight, chephe, gantianexpress, serilabuk and I can go for our regular saturday night 'yim-cha'.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Nice North Borneo cersor cover.

Not good enough gantianexpress, it's going to stay in NZ. But the winner must be feeling the pinch, you convince me once again that it's cheaper to make a rubber stamp :)

bury1883 has been very quiet since his last attempt on the Japanese Occupation stamps that won by tapiapi, hope he recovered from the defeat. Last heard from him 10 days ago, very busy with his work, looks like he's accumulating 'bullets' for the next round of 'spraying lead' ?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

gantianexpress strikes again !!!

Well done, gantianexpress must show it to me when it arrives by double registration, in view of our PosMalaysia service quality, and if it ever gets through KLIA un-stolen !!!

My friend's grandpa must be preaching there then, and recommending the importing of Hakka laborers. Hope he still has some old photo that he can lend me to put on this blog.

I'm still waiting for gantianexpress to organize a trip to locate the actual Gantian site. I'm preparing a banner "Gantian waz 'ere", as I promised. It'll be an interesting photo to show.

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